To feed or not?

To feed or not? This is a very controversial issue among animal lovers. Most animal lovers are convinced it is heartless not to feed. Others know, feeding is responsible for growing populations if there is no neutering.

It is a fact; every colony of cats will attract as many cats as food is accessible. Animal lovers want to help and are feeding cats. But: Feeding of unneutered feral cats without spaying will lead to more cats, which must live unneutered and sick on the streets. On the other hand, cats, who are seeking their food in dustbins and rubbish are at substantial risk for injuries and diseases. Or you find hungry, thin, injured, or blind cats. Kittens, who lost their mother. What to do?

We recommend feeding unneutered just to get them accustomed to fix feeding times, what will help you trapping them before the spay day. You should feed Feral’s only if you could guarantee the neutering of the complete colony. Just feeding will not help cats. Watch the situation before deciding to feed or not.

If you decide to feed the cats, please note:

  • if possible, feed the cats at fix times
  • serve the food on several plates if you feed many cats. Feeding in groups is stress for cats, they are concurrently.
  • serve the food at a calm and safe place, where there is no rain or sun
  • never serve the food directly in the sun
  • Let the cats eat for 30 minutes. After that clean up the place. A clean feeding place helps to avoid trouble with neighbours and keeps away rats and other parasites
  • if possible do not use one-way plates. Serve the cat food in bowls, which could be cleaned and not blown away by the wind
  • serve always fresh water
feral cats of a colony in Syracuse. To feed or not?
Feral cats of a colony in Syracuse