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Frankfurt needs a cat protection regulation

Cat in Need?

Please make sure it is a real case of emergency. Not every feral cat on the streets is a case of emergency! It could be an out-door cat, too. In case it is an unneutered stray cat, it would be good to document from which colony the cat is and to register it for a TNR-project. Please note that in our network we are all volunteers, who are working during their free time beside work and family. And we are just starting up and for now just a few people.

It is a case of emergency when a cat:

  • Is injured, has a wound that is bloody or inflamed
  • Has a broken leg
  • Is involved in an accident / is unconscious
  • Is blind or has infected eyes
  • Is extremely thin, looks battered or is disoriented
  • Is noticeably young (under 12 weeks) and without mother
  • Is in an extremely dangerous place (for example in a street with very much traffic)
  • You have seen the cat(s) were abandoned

If you are sure that the cat is in a case of emergency

  1. Please stay calm
  2. Note down when and where you found the animal and note the condition, take a picture or video of it
  3. Is the cat trusting and can you easily touch it? Then bring it to the vet immediately. If this is not possible, contact us. We can help find a vet.
  4. Is the cat fearful or aggressive? Please look at our map of contact persons for someone near you and contact this person for help. Do not take the risk to scare the cat away or get hurt by it.
  5. Do not leave the cat alone. You might not find it again.
  6. If the animals are injured, abandoned or noticeably young please contact the nearest person on the map.