Where to register a colony of unowned cats

Please register colonies of unowned cats because:

  • there is a hope to bring more safety to legal cat colonies
  • only registered cat colonies will be accepted to participate in official TrapNeuterReturn programs, where they could be neutered by a veterinary of the legal administration or by an animal welfare group.
  • registering the colony linked with the legal allowance for neutering is necessary for the people and organisations, which care for the cats. So that they are allowed to help the cats
  • Registering the cats helps to identify the number of unowned cats. And to address the problem to the public authorities

Addresses for registering cat colonies by provinces:

In internet you find searching for SERVIZIO VETERINARIO AZIENDA SANITARIA LOCALE (ASL  or ASP). In Italy, the legal veterinary department is responsible for the health and care of unowned animals. Furthermore, they are obliged by law to neuter colonies of unowned cats for free.

(We are keeping the contacts up to date. If you are not able to make contact, please help us to deliver the correct information here and write to info@felina-sicily.org)

Please report every case of cruelty to animals to  Unità Operativa per la tutela degli animali tutela.animale@sanita.it or by phone  06 5994 4035 (Mondy to Friday from 8.30 am to 00.30 pm and from 02.30 pm up to 05.30 pm)!

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