Is neutering necessary?

FAQs about neutering

The most effective and only humane method to reduce the suffering of feral cats is neutering. In Sicily it is not usual to neuter pets or feral cats.
The operation is highly controversial. We try to give answers.

Is neutering against religion?

No, neutering is not against religion. It is common to neuter horses, pigs, and cows. Why should cats be an exception? Besides neutered animals wil not have sexual intercourse. And it is not usual to transfer religious behavior onto animals.

Is neutering against nature?

No, it is not. Feral cats do not live in their natural habitat. Humans abandoned them. Today no animal lives in its natural habitat. For cats it is not the natural behaviour to live in the streets of a city and looking for food from rubbish. The spread of cats in Europe is an invasive one. It is better for birds and other small animals to reduce the number of cats. Neutering of feral cats is environmental protection.

Does neutering harm cats?

No, neutering cats early in their life reduces the risk of cancer, especially for female cats. Male cats have a smaller district, what helps them reducing the risk of getting involved in accidents. Without the fighting among the male cats, there will be less spreading of diseases and far less injuries. Another advantage for feral cats is, that they will need less food and calories.

Does the cat change its personality after neutering?

Well, at least neutered cats will be more pleasant. The male cats tend to be less aggressive. The female cats will not get in heat and not cry. Some cats become settled, but they still will catch mice.

Is it necessary for health that female cats need to have kittens once in their life?

No, this is nonsense. Female cats should be neutered before their first heat, then they have the lowest risk to get cancer. You could neuter a cat with four (4) months. With professionally neutering, cats can be returned to their colonies within 24 hours.

cat family wit a blind cat mother
Family of cats with a blind cat mother and a limping cat father